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Have you ever read a newsletter and silently applauded the writers ability to say so much about so little? My favourite newsletters ever were about cleaning up. Once upon a time, somewhere on the internet, I was searching for ways to get myself into a daily cleaning routine. A very kind person recommended signing up to a particular newsletter that sent daily tips and kept you on track. Excited and raring to go, I duly paid with my name and ‘best email address’. Then the bombardment started.

A full 300 words about cleaning your sink. I shit you not.

After the sermon, an offer to buy some micro-fibre special cloths that make the task easier. Only $15 for 5. I’m looking at this absolutely dumbfounded. Not only because I can buy 5 for £1 in Home Bargains, but because I’d read those 300 words and actually considered buying the cloths. I mean, 300 words, they must be better than the cheapo ones, right?

And that’s the power of a newsletter. To show that what you have is different. It’s special. If you can find 300 words to write about a dishcloth, your reader will probably ask themselves at some point if they should buy it.

Don’t just write any old crap though. Compare and contrast, people:

Mr. Dishcloth Newsletter

My dishcloths are made of the most special dishcloth material in the world. You should buy these because they get a great shine on your sink. They come in a range of pretty colours. They wash really well too. I hope you enjoy my newsletters. Click this link to purchase,


Cleaning Lady Tips Newsletter

My grandson came up to me last week and asked why I had so many tiny blankets in my cleaning basket. He’d used them to make beds for his teddy bears and tried to climb under one himself. After wriggling around and trying to squeeze underneath one of my special blend micro-fibre squares for 5 minutes, he asked me for a bigger one.  I explained that although they’re velvet soft they’re so small because they’re cleaning squares, but he still looked puzzled. He wanted to know why they were so colourful. When I showed him my Colour Coded Cleaning System™, he was amazed. ‘Wow! Cleaning sure is fun, Grandma!’

Try them for yourself – only $15!

Mr. Dishcloth sounds boring. I’d go to Home Bargains any day rather than buy from him. They’re probably just cheapo dishcloths repackaged. But a Colour Coded Cleaning System™. I’m in with both feet. The kids might even help me, or better still do it all while I watch Jeremy Kyle with a packet of biscuits.

So what’s the difference between the two newsletters above?

Storytelling. Conjure up a scenario. Don’t just keep regurgitating why someone should buy what you’re selling. Show your product in a real life situation, or talk about it in a scenario. Include it in the background of a funny story. But for the love of all that is sacred, don’t try the Mr. Dishcloth method because it sucks.

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