Facebook Friends … The Ones You Don’t Want

I made a decision to get on top of the EWL Facebook account today. After hobbling along with a handful of friends for a few days I thought I should reach out and mingle. So I added a few carefully selected people that seemed to have similar interests and aims to me.

Guys, a literal shit-storm of friend requests started pouring in. Great I thought. People really want to hear my news and see my blog. I’ll be able to put my own Facebook ads out soon and monetise this baby. They are wild for me. But no. The first inkling I had that something wasn’t right came with a simple ‘Hi’ message that pinged into my inbox.

I replied in a friendly an polite manner. Then *ping* ‘I’m Kalim. I’m from Morrocco. Send me your pictures’.

It dawned on me that these new friends may not want to see my blog. They wanted to see something else entirely.

Here’s a nicely decorated and blurred screenshot of my inbox from earlier…

And they’re still racking up now. One every 2 minutes at least. I won’t show you my inbox but I’m sure you can use your imagination.

So just how do you weed out the Hi-Guys (aka pervs) from the genuine people looking to connect? Here’s my strategy:

Check who your mutual friends are and then delete them.

Once I’ve done that with a few of these guys, I can see that there are one or two names that keep cropping up as mutuals. I go straight to those mutual accounts and delete, delete, delete. The Hi-Guys are systematically going through their friend lists and adding them all.

Make your own friends list private.

So they can’t use your friends list and you don’t get deleted, or even worse, blocked. You can do this via your Facebook privacy settings.

Visit their profile and look at their friends, posts and photos.

If they have photographs of their penis on there, or a penis belonging to someone else, they probably aren’t interested in reading about your new shoes, hair or what font to use on their blog. This applies to dodgy handbags and sunglasses too.

Be vigilant and selective about your friends.

This also applies in real life. We all know that a stranger is just a friend you haven’t met yet but I think that’s just a rumour spread by strangers looking for their next victim.

Anyway, I hope that was helpful…Can you think of anything to add?

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