Organisation Is The Key To Regular Blogging

Do you ever wake up in the morning and suddenly feel like the go-getter you are? Like Rocky with his theme tune on loop, big band style. You hurtle to your office and skid across the laminate in your chair. Then you get a look at your desktop and forget everything because it looks like the devil’s sandpit. Five million icons just floating in space, all as duper-important as each other (that’s why you saved them there after all) with not one scrap of organisation.

desktop icons with no organisation from
You’ve been doing it wrong.

I know this because I’ve been doing it wrong too. I’ve procrastinated my ass off looking for files, folders, just moving that one there and this one here…But I’ve finally sorted it out.

I’ve been meaning to make my desktop pin-board for a long time. ┬áTruth is, I could have made it instead of piddling about and procrastinating but I didn’t. So what is this amazing pin-board I’m talking about? It’s a background that will change your life.

Have you ever organised your icons into clumps and then forgotten what those clumps were for? I have. Then I make more clumps that I forget about a few days later. It gets a bit boring after the first couple of years but you carry on anyway, because your head hurts.

Those clumps are what I’ve based this pin-board around. With definite labels and ares for each clump, I know exactly where to look for my deadline related work, pending approval, inspiration, development…I can find them all in the blink of a cursor.

If you’d like to give it a try, I’m giving it away to you for free. I know this is going to change your life. In return, do something nice for me, follow me on Twitter or Instagram. I don’t mind which.

Click here and download away!

Do you have your own version of a desktop pin-board or one you think I should develop? Let me know in the comments!

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