I’ve been blogging about everything from my day-job and weddings, to home decor and health for quite a while. I recently decided to get my ass into gear and start something of my own that I can use as an escape. I’m a creative and I work long, unsociable hours so although I keep a blog just for my freelance career, it’s not always easy to use that as a release because it’s pretty much 24/7…And as some perfectly sane real person once said, ‘Too much work and not enough play makes Jack a dull boy’.

This particular blog is about blogging, marketing, design and occasionally grey hair life (or gray hair life) and wonderful things I’ve found on the interwebs that the world deserves to know about!

I live in the UK with my husband, children, gerbils and very important stuff (aka crap, pens and books). I’m happy to connect and chat with anyone who’s not trying to sell me dodgy handbags or diet pills.

WhaT about The Grey Hair?

Young whippersnappers are fine with it. It seems to be the generation above mine that really aren’t.

Just after my 39th birthday I decided to grow in my natural hair colour. I like surprises and seeing as though I hadn’t seen it since I was around 15, it seemed like a good idea.

I had the support of some and the gasps of others but mainly it didn’t really have that profound an effect on anyone apart from me (and my husband who has heard more about hair care, processes and dyes over the past year than he’d really like).

During this time, I’ve been floating around on forums and social media sites that deal with the decision of going grey, especially prematurely.

My own follicles have been on the turn for a long time. I remember my first silver strand being plucked out of my head and waved around by my teacher when I was 13. It didn’t come in too fast but I was an experimental teen and by the time I was 15 it had been a few rainbow colours and after that box dye became a big part of my life – black, brown, red, copper…Everything except blonde. Eventually, when I moved to salon colouring, it became depressing to hear the collective tuts and sympathy of hairdressers as they told me it wasn’t right and asked how old I was.

My hair needed dye almost every three weeks – the roots would be about 1cm long by then and the ends would start to look suspiciously see through and brassy. Blorange.

The last time I had my hair dyed dark was May 2015, just before our wedding. When the roots started to show I used a ‘Colour B4’ dye remover. It worked in some places better than others and left me at a crossroads; to go dark again or to carry on going lighter. I followed the light. Two days later I was sat in the salon with bleach slapped on the top portion of my hair. Highlights, ladies and gents. Highlights were the future. I had that done again, in the salon a month later. Then I decided I could do this myself. I’ll buy some bleach and I’ll do this ‘bleach bath’ thing that they all do on the internet. Easy, right? Wrong. I managed to give myself a bleach induced mullet that I conveniently ignored for about three weeks. Then, after waking up screaming as soon as it hit me, I had to run to a different salon and a new hairdresser who didn’t know me. Fail. She cut off about 4-5 inches of what I can only describe as dried grass. She gave me a lovely cut and now I stay away from bleach and dye. I am partial to a violet stain ever now and again though…

My hair at the moment is fully transitioned. It’s pretty light at the front but not as much as I thought I’d have at the back and underneath. I love it. I wish I’d given in years ago. Someone told me last week that I have ‘fairy hair’ and another said I looked ‘ethereal’. That would have cost me at least £100 at the salon.

If you’ve made it this far, thanks for reading. My aim is to update with product reviews, experiences and attitudes towards grey hair.