Hello Gorgeous!

Nice to see your lovely little face reading eatworklove.blog

Everything’s changed, hasn’t it. Want to read something about weight loss? Google it. Want to make a bit of money on the side? Ask on a forum. Fancy a date? Pick a face, any face…but not him, he’s married to Trina down the road and he’s got dodgy eyebrows.

I’m a 40-something woman zig-zagging my way through every bit of crap on the internet. I’m a search engine junkie. I’ve tried diets, get-rich-quick schemes, taken parenting advice, made skirts, bought new age crappy expensive make-up, constructed cakes, and even made cloud bread. If you don’t know what cloud bread is, I suggest you keep it that way. It sucks.

So this is where I’ll report on the stuff I’ve tried, eaten, bought, read, made, or practiced. So take a look around, sign up to my newsletter and follow me via the links to keep up to date.